Training Video Player Requirements

Any web browser that is HTML5 compliant will play the below training videos. To test your browser, click on and under the Video section, either H.264 or Ogg Theora support are necessary for the browser to properly play the below videos. All of the major modern browsers support one or the other formats, so you should have no problems playing the training videos. The computer you play these videos on will also require speakers to hear the audio.

Overview of State Law and Public Tour of the AFS Website

This training video is the first of two videos. This video overviews the Florida State Laws for calculating child support, states the overall process, and gives a detailed tour of the publically accessible pages of the AF$ website.

Private Subscriber Training to Enter and Generate Child Support

This training video is the second of two videos. This training will introduce custom worksheets and details the entering of net incomes, daycare, health and dental insurance and expenses, overnights per year for visitation, split, or complex custody into those worksheets. It will also detail gross-to-net adjusment screens and generating child support obligation analysis reports to present to your attorney or the Courts.

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