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This website specializes in everything required to enter, analyze, calculate, and accurately determine child support payments or receipts in the State of Florida. It allows for all types of visitation and custody circumstances, no matter how simple or complex. It will determine child support obligations compliant with state statutes for standard and substantial timesharing guidelines, split residential custody via appellate case law, and individual net analysis when each child has their own separate and distinct visitation or custody arrangement from the other children in the family.

Imagine, if you will, you are a parent finding yourself in an unwanted separation, being threatened that you will be paying more in child support than you earn. Well, that is not the reality or the law. This website provides you with accurate calculations of child support. This website will provide you with not only the right support you should be paying, but also provide you with proper reports to show an attorney, a judge, an arbitrator, or a mediator. The fact remains, you never minded providing for your children, you just want the payments to properly reflect the reality of your's and your coparent's lifestyles.

Or, more simply, you want to avoid court and attorneys and the whole conflict and expense. But, you want to know what you should be receiving or paying for your children. Our finely tuned process and reports will give you the most accurate child support obligations anywhere, to provide you a solid basis, to help you negiotiate with your coparent on what is most fair for your children.

This website is setup with public access pages detailing example input screens, analysis summaries and reports, and training videos. The public access side also allows you to calculate standard child support for free, below, determine your circuit and appellate courts from your zip code, also below, and even your Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) for the current year, if you are of low to moderate income. We also have a complete library of state statute and case law for your review. And finally, we have complete sets of tables and schedules of combined monthly child support obligations, circuit and appellate listings by county, and EITC schedules for the current tax year. All available for free under the Main menu item at the top left.

This website is also setup with private access for subscribers to allow individuals to enter their private custom financial and visitation/custody arrangements to accurately determine your child support obligation, no matter how simple or complex, for your particular family's circumstance. All completely compliant and accurate to state law. To overview, the private section will allow you to calculate net incomes (bring home pay) from gross incomes (salaried pay) for both parents, adjust obligations for the parent(s) that actually contribute to daycare, health and dental insurance and expenses, the total number of marital children, either visitation or full custody children, in either simple or complex situations. Our detailed training videos will walk you through the entire process and provide a tour of the private subscriber section of the website. You may Register now to begin your custom support obligation analysis today.

If you represent a law firm or court, then goto the Legal Introduction page to setup a subscription for your firm, circuit, or district.

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