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12017-05-16Legal Efficiency and EconomyRead/View
AFS was designed from the ground up, with the end-user in mind. The interface and input screens were designed to flow and be single access. The analyses were designed to present all obligation options while providing access to the different printable worksheets. AFS was designed to smooth and streamline your workflow.
22016-02-02AFS versus DPARead/View
Floridom's DPA has been the trusted companion for calculating child support in the State of Florida since the mid 1990's. Judges are comfortable with its results and format. However, Accurate Family Support (AFS) has comparable or superior accuracy, is certainly more forthright and transparent, and more closely mirrors Florida Statute, Appellate Law, and Federal IRC. AFS is also technologically more advanced, fully transparent, and is not the calculation "blackbox" that DPA has come to be known throughout the mediation sector. This publication presents numerous case scenarios and pits AFS versus DPA. You'll be surprised by the results.